Where do the funds go?

Where do the funds go? Below are the details of our current Foundation Programmes.  Our foundation is a local charity on the mid north coast of NSW.  We focus on marginalised children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend these programs.  Local schools help us identify the children who will benefit most from our programmes, whom we then offer individual scholarships.

Foundation Programmes

Programme # 1

Intensive Swimming

correct swim strokeWe are surrounded by wonderful waterways and beaches, but some children have not had the opportunity to learn how to swim.

Enabling these children to swim can be life-changing and life saving!

variety of swim skillsThe YMCA program runs over a term and aims to provide ‘survival skills’ within a term.


Our scholarship typically last 2-3 terms to consolidate gains in swimming ability, then we look to offer these spaces to other needy children.

Programme # 2

Jeff Summers Football Academy ( soccer ) coaching for Individuals

This programme enables kids that come from difficult environments to have access to Jeff’s Soccer Academy.  Jeff is a leading children’s soccer coach in Australia and played for Australia at schoolboy level in the 1990s.  The enthusiasm he generates in these children for football is widely respected in The Great Lakes.

balanced kick of soccer ballOur scholarships enable children to attend both weekly school term clinics and also school holiday clinics.

Most children attending these clinics go on to play football in local teams, and benefit from all the advantages that being engaged in team sports bring.

Our scholarships for these programs run for extended terms (beyond 1 year) for as long as we see continuing social benefit being delivered.

Programme # 3

Guitar lessons

happy guitar lessonsHeidi Parsons is a talented music teacher who runs guitar tuition from Holy Name School.

The Foundation provides scholarships to needy students to play the guitar and develop the skills and discipline that come from learning to play a musical instrument.

concentrating on guitarThe Foundation also funds guitar hire, plus for students who last beyond 2 terms, we will donate the guitar to them.

Again, the scholarships continue for as long as we see continuing benefit to each child.

Programme # 4

Confidence for Kids programme

Sam was a very compassionate and thoughtful boy who trained with Colin Osborn at Forster Martial Arts at Club Forster. He was the boy who stuck up for the underdog or the child that was being bullied. For these reasons we will always be proud of him and his morals at such a young age.kids building confidence

The Confidence for Kids Programme is run by Colin Osborn and for Case Studies in the programs run to date view our blog Confidence for Kids.  The Foundation gives the opportunity to children who are socially disadvantaged to attend this Programme and obtain valuable skills to help become confident and productive members of our community.




These are the ideas at this stage, we have other things in the pipeline that will need fine tuning and funding. These four Foundation Programmes will make a difference to our community and young children’s lives.

What we are providing is a group of people working together to change and impact young people’s lives in our community. Swimming, soccer, music and Kids with Confidence development are fantastic ways in which our community can benefit and grow into an even better place to live. With the Samuel Brett Nelson Kickstart Foundation there is now a team of people that can make this happen using the kind donations from various businesses, Clubs and individuals.

Our area hasn’t seen a foundation like this before and its impact will be Long Lasting.


Foundation Governance

The Foundation is governed by our Constitution and our Registration as an Incorporated Association with the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

Our Office holders are:

  • Steve Nelson (President)
  • Gavin Lambert (Vice-President and Secretary)
  • David Isbel (Treasurer)

The Committee make funds allocation decisions with input and advice from our program partners.


Samuel Brett Nelson Kickstart Foundation Partners and Supporters

Thank you to the following individuals and organisations who have offered their time, expertise, support and enthusiasm to our Foundation Programmes:

YMCA – Forster (partner)Foundation programmes where do the funds go charity on the mid north coast

Forster Primary School (partner)

Forster Martial Arts (partner)

Jeff Summers Academy (partner)

The Great Lakes Football Club (partner)

Annas Trophies

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