CONFIDENCE FOR KIDS – Case Studies in Success!

We you aware:

confidence for kids program samuel brett nelson kickstart foundation inc

• 85% of teens report having been the subject of bullying at some stage
• A high (but not quantifiable) number of those that are bullied tend to become bullies themselves
• Confident kids are better decision-makers and less likely to be swayed by their peers i.e. not easily manipulated.

The following are some examples of the success achieved. Whilst it would be silly to propose that martial arts and these sessions in particular were the sole reason for these outcomes, I’m comfortable suggesting that the sense of achievement and self-assuredness together with some guidance has had a positive impact.


Case 1

17yo male from Green Point who had previously refused to even leave his home following some group bullying. After 4 sessions aimed at building his confidence (and self-worth) and the basic skills needed to handle the particular type of bullying he was being confronted with (1 x protagonist and 2 x hangers on) he was able to put the main bully in his place and is now employed full time as an apprentice landscape gardener.

Case 2

9yo male in foster care showing uncontrolled outbursts of anger and violence that had seen him expelled from school. His first 5 lessons aimed at channelling his aggression and thinking through his actions.  He is now at school full time and meeting all requirements both at home and school!

Case 3

12yo male with mild autism is now a regular martial arts student called upon to demonstrate some techniques to other students when previously he was unable to participate in group activities leaving him an outcast at school. His confidence is through the roof and participating at all levels in schools.

Case 4

16yo male with diagnosed depression who constantly ‘hated himself’. After 4 lessons and ongoing participation in regular classes has dropped a considerable amount of weight and earnt the right to train with the advanced group. He has a massively improved outlook on life to the point where he now has guaranteed employment at a local plumbing retailers by undertaking a school-based apprenticeship.

Case 5

16yo female who due to a skin condition has had very low self-esteem. After 3 sessions is now a regular participant in the women’s self-defence class.  For that age-group (boys and girls) she is, by far, the most advanced! Her mum has reported a complete transformation of attitude at home and her patience with new students is outstanding. She herself is clearly more confident in her environs.

Case 6

Two boys aged 8 and 9, both with mild (and different) handicaps.  Being bullied for over 2 years and doing anything to get out of school they quickly got the upper hand, when recently confronted by the same group of bullies, and the bullies ran away. Both boys’ parents have stated that their boys’ whole world has opened up purely from having that self-belief and confidence.

confidence for kids program samuel brett nelson kickstart foundation inc

In essence we believe that better kids will make better adults.

C Osborn

Confidence For Kids Co-ordinator

April 2017